The Creature of Habit

by Truddi Chase

The Creature of Habit – A Journey is about discovering ones path to emotional freedom from the trauma of abuses. Wherever our wounds have come from and however deep there is HOPE. The creature of habits journey is brought full circle when he finally learns he has a voice and to “cry” is an emotion not to be denied.

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A message from Truddi’s daughter


Physical and Emotional pain can leave tattooed scars that will never go away; but once emotions are discovered and fear that binds are overcome there is infinite possibility, there is HOPE.


After experiencing incredible trauma in her life, my mother, Truddi Chase, wanted to share her story with others, a story of coping with post-traumatic stress and the diagnosis of Multiple Personality Disorder, now classified as Dissociative Identity Disorder. This led to her first book, When Rabbit Howls, which tracks her life with The Troops (her collective personalities) and the impact abuse has on individuals. A few years after the release of When Rabbit Howls, Truddi, and The Troops finished their psychotherapy with Dr. Phillips and began a journey of self-discovery in order to prove to themselves that there is “life after therapy” for multiples. Out of this discovery process, they created Creature of Habit, A Journey. Creature would give Truddi and The Troops a new way to speak into other’s lives; to reach out to those struggling with the aftermath of trauma; to let them know that they aren’t alone; and that through their own journey, they might find strength, knowledge, and freedom. It was into Creature that I watched Truddi and The Troops pour their heart and soul, blood, sweat, and tears.

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I'm excited to share some of the artwork that didn't make the book but appears in the journal. While this journal was created to be a companion to Creature of Habit, use it however you feel called.

Creature of Habit

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